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Clearing Out Basement Floor Drain Clogs

Basement floor drainWhen a homeowner hears the word “drain” their mind immediately goes to sinks, showers, and bathtubs. What about basement floor drains? They play an vital role in a home but are often forgotten until they become a problem. Floor drains allow water at the lowest point of the home to escape, preventing water issues to a home's foundation. When a floor drain clogs, the plumbing can't do its job and puts you at risk for water damage.

Consider the following tips to remedy a floor drain clog yourself, and reach out to your local Philadelphia Roto-Rooter if your basement floor drains don't start working following these efforts.

Search For The Clog

A clog near the mouth of the drain may be easy enough to remove with a pair of gloved hands or a simple tool like a straightened coat hanger, plumber's snake. Your first step, if needed, should be to remove the drain cover and carefully place the cover and any screws in a safe place. Then, check for a visible clog. If you can safely remove it with your hands, do so. You can also gently probe with a straightened coat hanger - taking care to not damage the floor drain - and use a plunger or auger to get at more stubborn clogs.

The Truth About Clearing A Clog

There are multiple ways to go about clearing a drain but the process becomes more complicated when it comes to clearing a clog in your floor drain. Plungers, usually, are not an option because the drain itself is too large and the plunger would not be able to create a strong seal for suction. Creating a concoction of baking soda and boiling water in the drain may be effective but your attempt still may prove to be unsuccessful. Your best bet is to use an auger or a plumbing snake. If you have access to one of these tools, insert the beginning of the snake wire into the opening, and crank out about 30 inches of wire. Continue to crank and press forward into the drain until you feel the snake meet the obstruction. Twist the cable with the handle until the snake has penetrated the obstruction. Now you can crank in reverse, bringing the snake back through the drain with the clog.

If after multiple attempts or your find yourself in over your head, your local Philadelphia Roto-Rooter experts can easily remove that stubborn clog for you.

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