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Cleaning Your Showerhead | Roto-Rooter Overland Park

Cleaning a showerhead can greatly improve its function.Many showerheads slowly accumulate sediment, debris and other deposits over time, slowly dampening their effectiveness and creating an issue for homeowners. Luckily, cleaning your showerhead can quickly resolve many of these problems and restore this vital fixture to full performance. Let's review a few options for cleaning out your showerhead.

Removing the showerhead

The structure of many showerheads and shower arms - the part between the wall and head - mean it's important to carefully remove this fixture to avoid any damage. You are going to need these three tools: a rag, a wrench and a pair of adjustable pliers. Place the rag over the shower arm and then hold it in place with the wrench, gripping the shower arm enough to prevent it from moving. With force applied, you can then use the adjustable pliers or another wrench to loosen and remove the head (remember to turn the head to the left to remove it) and prepare it for cleaning. Be aware that water may fall out after the showerhead is removed.

A soaking solution and deep cleaning

Do a thorough rinsing under a faucet. Soak the shower head overnight in a bowl of vinegar, then brush away any residual minerals with an old brush. If your shower head is stuck or you just don't want to remove it, you can pour some vinegar into a plastic baggie, then fit it over the shower head using a bread bag tie or rubber band to hold it in place. The vinegar will dissolve most of the lime and minerals if left in place overnight. This thorough approach can eliminate persistent showerhead flow issues. Check out our step by step tutorial video.

If you find cleaning the showerhead doesn't solve the problem after repeated efforts, consider calling your local Overland Parks Roto-Rooter for help diagnosing and fixing the problem.

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