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Getting Your Toilet in Tip-Top Shape | Roto-Rooter Newport News

Common toilet repairs help improve the long-term function of the fixture.A toilet that doesn't leak or make a dripping noise, has the right level of water power when flushing, and generally operates as intended is often taken for granted by many homeowners. When a toilet clogs or stops working properly, however, many people realize the importance of making sure a toilet is kept in good working order. Consider the following do-it-yourself advice and give Roto-Rooter a call if your toilet still has trouble working properly.

Fixing the handle

A loose handle is one of many common issues that affect toilets, and they're typically easy problems to solve. First, you can try tightening the nut on the backside of the handle, inside the tank. If that doesn't work, replacing the handle is the next step. For a successful replacement, open the tank and unhooking the chain from the handle, then remove the old handle. It's important to note that many toilet handles have nuts threaded in the opposite direction of the majority of other nuts and bolts, so be careful when using a wrench to unscrew it.

When you purchase a replacement, make sure to talk to someone at the plumbing supply or hardware store to ensure the new handle will fit your toilet model. Then, clean the area around the handle, install the new handle and reattach the chain.

Fixing the chain

A loose or rusted toilet chain can cause similar problems to a loose or broken handle, stopping a toilet from flushing correctly. To correct the chain's placement, if it's too tight and stopping a proper flush or too loose interfering with drainage, simply unhook one end from the handle and adjust as needed. To replace a broken or rusted chain, remove it, purchase a replacement and install, making sure the chain is neither too tight nor too loose.

If you are still experience issues with your toilet, call your local Newport News Roto-Rooter.They will make all your troubles go down the drain.

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