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Why You Shouldn't Overstuff Your Cabinet | Roto-Rooter Naperville

Under the sinkHome is where the heart is - but home is also where we put all of our things. When it comes to finding room for all of our cleaning supplies, paper and plastic bags, and other household items, the kitchen seems to be a centralized location that suits this purpose. It can be tempting to stuff all of these items under the kitchen sink and forget about them, but it's important that you don't overstuff this spot in your home for it could cause plumbing troubles.

You'll lose things

The number one rule of clutter is that if it gets out of hand, you may not be able to find certain things. Smaller objects and items that you don't use very often get pushed to the back of a cabinet space, making it difficult to retrieve them once you actually need them. The area beneath the sink should be a space for the kitchen implements you need the most - things like colanders, dishwashing liquid and rubber gloves can all make their homes here, but be sure you don't cram too much under there.

Clutter is bad for pipes

When you have too much under your kitchen sink, it can prove difficult to maintain the pipes and garbage disposal area. Indeed, if you need to call a plumber for any reason, it could inhibit him or her from getting back to the root of the problem if all of your cleaning supplies and plastic bags are in the way. Using organizational tools like racks and baskets could make it easier to keep space free under your sink.

Could make plumbing issues worse

In addition to making the pipes hard for plumbers to get to in times of need, too much clutter underneath your kitchen sink or cabinet may hide critical issues. For instance, if your pipes are hidden from sight, you may not notice a leak or garbage disposal problem until it becomes a severe issue. One way to mitigate this risk is to install an under-sink light, but that isn't going to solve the entire issue.

The moral of the story is: Don't clutter the cabinet under your kitchen sink. Overstuffing it will only lead to issues with organization, and it may even make plumbing problems worse due to not spotting them soon enough. For help with these plumbing problems and to make sure you're not waiting too long for detection, call your local Naperville Roto-Rooter for an assessment today.

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