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Preventing a Bathroom Sink Clog | Roto-Rooter Naperville

Bathroom sinkThe bathroom sink is one of the most frequently used pieces of plumbing in a home, especially when multiple people regularly use the same facility. That means a bathroom sink clog is more likely to happen than a problem with a less-used fixture. Consider this advice for preventing clogs before they become bigger problems - but don't hesitate to reach out to your local Naperville Roto-Rooter if you can't solve the problem yourself:

Preventive measures

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your sink clear is clean it frequently and not simply flush everything that falls into the sink's bowl down the drain. Hair, some personal care and beauty products, and many other seemingly small things can add up to create clogs. It's important to limit the amount of solids that go down the bathroom sink drain to stop both sink clogs and more serious main line clogs.

Cleaning without chemicals

Drain-clearing chemicals have their uses, but they can damage some types of pipes and fixtures. Before turning to that option, check out our video where we show you how to a plunger on the sink clog . If a plunger won't clear the blockage or it returns, consider purchasing a modestly priced snake tool from the hardware store. To reach the blockage, you may have to remove the stopper valve.

Of course, not every bathroom sink clog can be fixed without the help of a professional. Call Roto-Rooter to help you resolve serious issues and keep your plumbing in tip-top shape.

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