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Call Roto-Rooter’s Minneapolis Sump Pump Repair for the Best in the Business

Call Roto-Rooter’s Minneapolis Sump Pump Repair for the Best in the Business

Searching for reliable and affordable sump pump repair service in Minneapolis? Roto-Rooter offers more than 80 years of plumbing industry expertise. Our trained professionals understand the importance of servicing your plumbing right, the first time!

We understand that a water emergency can happen at any time which is why Roto-Rooter of Minneapolis is available 24/7 when you need us most. Roto-Rooter will give you the peace of mind that comes with getting expert plumbing service by the best name in the business, every time. 

Understanding the Importance of Having a Sump Pump in Your Home

The most effective way to remove water efficiently from your basement or crawlspace is with a sump pump. This submersible pump typically sits in a pit at the lowest point in your basement or crawlspace. Ground water flows into the sump pit, the pump’s float switch automatically turns on the pump whenever water reaches a predetermined level and removes water by pumping it out to a drain, well or detention pond.

While most new homes with basements have sump pumps already installed, many homes are not equipped with battery backup sump pumps. A backup pump is battery powered so it will work if the primary pump fails or in the event of a power failure.  Our skilled Minneapolis plumbing team has the expertise you want when it comes to sump pump installation and repair so that your basement will be protected against flooding.  

Peace of the mind comes from knowing you are working with the twin cities’ sump pump experts. Call Roto-Rooter of Minneapolis at 612-788-9029 for all your sump pump and plumbing needs.

Improving Your Sump Pump’s Performance

As with any equipment that has many moving parts, your sump pump can experience wear and tear over time. If you notice a decline in your sump pump’s power or performance, here are some helpful tips to help maintain the life of your equipment:

Test your sump pump regularly to make sure it will protect your home against basement flooding.

  • Pour a five gallon bucket of water into the sump pit. Your sump pump should turn on, quickly remove water from the pit, and turn itself off again. Make sure that the float switch and check valve are also moving freely and that no electrical cords could get tangled around the float.
  • To clean the sump pit, make sure to remove any dirt, gravel or sand that has accumulated in the pit. This will prevent clogging of the impeller and maintain your pump’s power and performance, while also extending the life of your sump pump.

When you are not interested in DIY and want to call in reliable plumbing professionals, Roto-Rooter is ready to help. Whether you have maintenance questions, need to schedule a plumbing repair or think you might need a new sump pump, Roto-Rooter of Minneapolis has the reliable, licensed plumbing experts ready to help.

You can also learn more about the importance of having a sump pump in your home as well as everything you need to know about your home’s plumbing system with Roto-Rooter’s helpful tips and extensive information available online.

Minneapolis Sump Pump Services

Roto-Rooter understands that not every plumbing emergency happens between 9 to 5, which is why our skilled plumbers are available to you 24/7 including weekend and holiday service at no extra charge. Roto-Rooter of Minneapolis offers fast, reliable plumbing repair. We provide the prompt and professional service you want with the affordability you need. Give Roto-Rooter a call at on 612-788-9029 or schedule a service online.

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