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FaucetThe Minneapolis, Minnesota, housing market is one of the most active across the country. With a growing population and influx of jobs, families and individuals are flocking to the northern state.

Yet during the homebuying process, buyers often forget to check all facets of the home. This includes the plumbing.

Spotting these issues before a sale is finalized is important. The buyer and seller may agree to a lower price if the buyer decides to handle repairs. On the other hand, buyers may ask sellers to cover any fixes.

Here is a checklist of what buyers need to be on the lookout for during an upcoming home inspection.

Water pressure

If you're a potential buyer, you should walk around the house and test each and every faucet. From sinks to the bathrooms, be sure to examine the water pressure.

And since you're already be in the bathroom, flush the toilets to ensure they work properly.

Look at the pipes

You'll then want to head to the area where the water pipes are to inspect them for damage. Keep a an eye out for leaks or other impairments to the pipes. Even materials that don't look well maintained should be highlighted. Ask what the pipes are made from because you want to avoid lead pipes.

The quality of pipes are important in a household. Poor maintenance can lead to low pressure, or worse, disease. During a home inspection, it's important these issues are discovered before move in day. If you are in need of repairs or even just an extra set of eyes, call your local Minneapolis Roto-Rooter today!

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