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Fixing Showerhead Flow Problems | Roto-Rooter Marietta

Problems with low-flowing showerheads are particularly annoying.Showers can turn from something to look forward to into a chore when the showerhead isn't providing the right level of water pressure and volume. Besides making cleaning up difficult and time-consuming, low water flow can be indicative of other issues and is something homeowners should take seriously. Let's look at a few common solutions for showerhead flow problems.

Clogged nozzles

Nozzles on a showerhead can eventually fill up with sediment and mineral deposits. To remove mineral deposits on your showerhead, half fill a plastic bag with white vinegar then secure the bag over the showerhead with a rubber band or twist tie and leave it in place overnight. Remove the bag and gently clean showerhead with a soft toothbrush to remove the loosened deposits. Your showerhead will look and function like new. Watch our video for a step by step tutorial.

Checking for damage

A damaged O-ring or washer may be the cause of decreased water flow and associated problems. To safely check the showerhead for such an issue, have a pair of pliers or wrench on hand and be ready for water to possibly exit the area following the removal of the showerhead. Also, cover the drain to stop small parts from falling in. Unscrew the showerhead and be careful not to twist or break the shower arm while doing so - holding it in place will help. Then, look for an O-ring or washer inside the showerhead. If it's damaged, take the part to a hardware store and select an exact replacement.

If these tips don't help your shower improve its power, call your local Marietta Roto-Rooter to take a look.

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