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Cleaning Up Water Damage | Roto-Rooter Marietta

Water damageEvery homeowner has to prepare for the possibility of water damage, and when it occurs, decisive action needs to be taken during the cleanup process.

If you wake up to find that your house has experienced water damage, quick action, even before the water damage cleanup process starts, can make all the difference between major or minor repairs, and whether valuable possessions are saved.

Get the air flowing

You need to get the air circulating first and foremost. You can achieve this by either opening nearby windows and doors, including cabinets.

If there aren't any windows or you want greater air circulation, turn on some fans. However, if you want to dehumidify the affected room, make sure to close doors and windows.

Clean up

Not every home in southern states is built with a basement, and this includes properties in Marietta, Georgia. Even so, water damage isn't always the result of a flood.

No matter the room, you'll need to thoroughly clean up anything that has been damaged. Remove carpets and furniture that has soaked up water along with ripping up linoleum flooring. Doing so will expedite evaporation and lower humidity levels.

Protecting memories

If any photographs or important paperwork absorbs water, place them in a freezer that reaches below - 4 degrees fahrenheit. After some time, these keepsakes can then be air-dried.

If you notice water damage is worse than originally anticipated, don't hesitate. You need to call professional help from your local Marietta Roto-Rooter. When it comes to your home, don't let water damage go untreated.

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