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Keeping Your Downspout Clear for Fall | Roto-Rooter Manchester

Clean your downspoutsEveryone adores the fall for the beautiful color it brings to the landscape. Unfortunately, those vibrant colors are a sure sign that tons of leaves will soon be falling onto roofs everywhere. Without proper care, this can lead to a clogged downspout, which introduces a host of costly issues for homeowners.

Why Downspouts Matter

Downspouts are simple yet effective tools that collect rainfall from the gutter and redirect it away from the home. This allows water to drain away from the home's foundation where it could lead to damage over time. But if downspouts are clogged by leaves, dirt or other debris, they won't be able to perform this function and that could mean leaks throughout interior walls and the ceiling.

Downspout tips

For many homeowners, it's easy to keep downspouts clear all year round with some regular cleaning. If you can reach your roof with a ladder, carefully climb up and inspect the gutters and downspout. Once you're up, there are several ways to go about cleaning, including:

  • By hand, removing sticks and leaves from gutters

  • Using a hose

  • With a plumbing snake

Also check the end of the downspout to ensure there's nothing blocking water drainage. If your roof or downspout is out of reach from a safe ladder, or things look a little more serious, don't hesitate to contact your local Manchester Roto-Rooter professional plumber to get this vital exterior component inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary.

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