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Tips to Improve Your Water Pressure | Roto-Rooter Lowell

Water heaterShowers can act as getaways for many people, but when the water doesn't come out as strongly as you expect, it can ruin the experience. Here are a few tips to improve your water pressure:

Check your infrastructure

You'll first want to check your current system to identify where the issue is. This is where you may need to have a licensed plumber get involved. Homeowners must look at their water meter to ensure it's operating at full capacity as well as check the main shut off valve to verify that it's fully turned on. If these aren't the problem, it could be the pressure regulator where the main comes into the house. It's important to get these elements inspected by an experienced licensed plumber to prevent harm to your plumbing  fixtures and keep your home’s water flowing at the appropriate pressure level.

Get a booster

While you could replace your pipes, that would cost a lot of money. Instead, you can install a water pressure boost pump for about $300 to improve the flow into your home. This will save you the costs involved with redoing some of the pipework and can easily get your water pressure up to the level you expect. However, this type of installation is not something that should be done by do-it-yourself homeowners. This is the domain of a licensed plumber. If you have older pipes (galvanized iron) or you get the wrong pump or adjust the pressure too high, you can cause some very serious leaks throughout your plumbing system.

Look for a water supply clog

A clog in your supply pipes could be the reason for the poor water pressure in your home. The remedy could be as simple as cleaning the aerators on the faucets and shower head with a product like CLR or vinegar. But the problem could be as complicated as a buildup of iron oxide (rust) inside the water pipes. When this occurs, the rust can decrease the inside diameter of the pipe to that of a pencil, reducing water flow to a trickle. This is not uncommon in older homes. A plumber has the tools and expertise to find exactly where the problem is and generate solutions to fix it right away. Call your local Lowell Roto-Rooter plumbing professional today if you need help identifying a water supply pipe clog or to consult on how to improve the water pressure in your home.

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