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Pipe Maintenance Still Important in Warmer States | Roto-Rooter Lawrenceville

With a large portion of the country firmly in the midst of the fall season, residents of warmer areas are still enjoying pleasant temperatures.

But those good times won't last throughout the rest of the year or into the early parts of 2017. Even though Lawrenceville, Georgia, won't go through nearly as a bad of winter as Midwest or Northeast states, residents still have to prepare for lower temperatures.

In fact, it's not unusual for temperatures to dip into the digits that may cause pipes to freeze. While the weather's still nice outside, here are some preventive steps you can take to guard against frozen pipes in the late fall and winter.

Know trouble areas

Frozen pipes can usually be tied to problem areas in your home. The pipes most likely to encounter issues can be found in outdoor plumbing, exposed piping in unheated areas and pipes in exterior walls.

For the outdoors, you'll want to disconnect your hose and any other  removable outdoor plumbing fixtures. A faucet insulator should also be installed before the cold hits.

Inside precautions

Depending on how well insulated your home is, you may need to add insulation to avoid more serious issues.

In other instances, heat controlled tape can be helpful to prevent exposed pipes from freezing. You may need to spend money, but the costs will pale in comparison to more serious issues.

If you need more help to prevent pipes from freezing or to unfreeze them, don't hesitate to contact the plumbing professionals at your local Lawrenceville Roto-Rooter.

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