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How To Maintain Your Bathtub Drain | Roto-Rooter Lakeland

Clogged drainIn a traditional home, there are a number of things to think about, but a bathtub drain often isn't at the top of mind for most owners. Drains are essential to our comfort, as they take waste water away from the house and clean water is filtered in. We often don't consider drains until there's a problem with them, notably a blockage or clog that has slowed down water flow or stopped it entirely. Here are a few tips that every homeowner should know to keep the tub drain clear:

Clean regularly

Just as you vacuum, dust and wipe down the bathroom on a regular basis, drains should also get maintenance every week or so. This will help prevent odors from emanating from your drain. You likely won't need to clear your bathtub drain often, but it may be beneficial to use a plumbing snake to clear out hair and debris every week. In addition, a drain cleaner can help dispose of any remaining detritus, but this should only be used once a month. Adding your bathtub drain to your weekly cleaning list will keep waste from accumulating, maximizing your comfort level and ensuring that your water flows without any major obstacles.

Don't use it as a trash can

One of the most common causes of a clog is the fact that an item was put down the drain that was never meant to be thrown out that way. Homeowners can easily use a drain screen to prevent hair and soap scum from going down the drain. This makes it significantly easier to clean and thwart blockages. You should also watch what other items you may be throwing down your drains. Grease, chemicals and a lengthy list of additional things should never be dumped into the drain. Some can congeal and cause jams, while others can strip your pipes and create water leaks and problems down the line. When all else fails, use a trash can.

Leverage alternative tools

Other than drain cleaners, homeowners can use other means to maintain their drain. Using pure boiling water every week can cleanse the drain and flush out the debris. If you find yourself with a particularly difficult clog, however, you can use baking soda and white vinegar to do the job. This combination may have to be repeated a few times to fully deal with a blocked drain. Afterward, your water should be flowing more smoothly and it will help prevent future clogs from developing.

Clogs in a bathtub drain can be difficult to handle. It can be challenging for homeowners to gauge how far down the blockage is, and you can make the issue worse by pushing it farther in. For particularly troublesome drain issues, call your local Lakeland Roto-Rooter professional plumber. These individuals have the tools and expertise to locate and eliminate the clog at the beginning.

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