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Stopping Your Toilet from Running | Roto-Rooter Indianapolis

Bathroom toiletA leaky toilet, also commonly called a running toilet, causes a number of issues for the people they affect. A toilet that never completely stops draining water can quickly increase water bills and decrease quality of life with either consistent or intermittent noise.

Luckily, resolving the problem behind a leaky toilet can take just a few steps. If it doesn't, consider calling the professionals at your local Indianapolis Roto-Rooter to make sure your toilet stops running. And remember to turn off the water supply to the toilet when you attempt your own repairs.

Check the flapper

Bob Vila said the flapper is one of the most common causes of a leaky toilet. The flapper is the circular rubber component that plugs the drain in the toilet tank once it refills. With the tank filled and the toilet leaking, press on the flapper. If the running stops, that's the source of the issue. Before purchasing a replacement flapper, however, check the chain that links it to the handle: If it's too short, knotted or otherwise out of place, it may be the culprit.

Is the fill tube or valve the culprit?

If the flapper isn't the problem, it's possible the fill tube is. The end of this small pipe should sit above the water line in a filled tank.. If the end of the fill tube is underwater, try to gently repositioning it or cut a small amount off to return it to the right position. If the fill tube isn't the source, the next step is checking the fill valve, a more complicated process. If the task gets too involved, reach out to Roto-Rooter for help turning a running toilet into a quiet one.

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