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How to Tell if My Home has Hard Water | Roto-Rooter Indianapolis

Water heater and softenerWater quality is an important consideration for any home, and it's your job to understand what type of water is flowing into your system and how it will impact your home’s plumbing. Here are a few ways to tell if your home has hard water:

You live in an area with hard water

Taking stock of what water is delivered to areas around you will help identify if you have hard water or soft. Hard water is created when water is gradually filtered through deposits of limestone and a chalk mixture that is made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates. Indianapolis known for having some of the hardest water. It's important to note that your water can be harder or softer than other areas depending on how it’s filtered.

Residue remains after use

When it comes to washing machines and dishwashers, you expect the appliances to get your items thoroughly clean. However, hard water can make clothes look dingy and leave spots and residue on dishes. Hard water can also lead to soap scum buildup in bathtubs and make your hair feel sticky or look dull. To know for sure if hard water is to blame, fill a water bottle with 12 ounces of tap water, add 10 drops of liquid soap and shake the bottled mixture. If there are a lot of suds, you have soft water.

Appliances are clogged

The minerals in hard water can harm your appliances. They can become clogged and may not be able to perform their jobs effectively. A water softener can remove these minerals before they enter your machines to help extend their life.

Whether you are deciphering if you have hard or soft water or need help with a clog, call  your local Indianapolis Roto-Rooter experts for help.

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