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How to Spot and Stop Backflow

Water pressure is luxury thanks to modern plumbing. It ensures reliable delivery of water to homes, apartments and other buildings, plus it helps prevent contamination of plumbing systems by backflow, i.e. the reversed flow of dirty water that might contain pesticides, debris and particulate matter.

However, backflow is still an issue whenever pressure diminishes or wherever there is a cross-connection between the potable water in public water systems and non-potable water that flows toward infrastructures such as irrigation systems. There are several options for reducing backflow:

1. An Air Gap

Installing an air gap is often an effective non-mechanical way to prevent backflow. It separates the pressurized water supply from the non-pressurized receiving accessories, such as faucets and showerheads. However, air gaps must be frequently inspected for air pollutants and may not be ideal for continuous piping systems since you would need numerous reservoirs.

2. A  Backflow Prevention Valve

Backflow preventerA more sophisticated solution, backflow prevention valves have a pair of mechanical check valves, which respond to drastic changes in water pressure. A professional plumber can install these valves in your commercial space. Note that yearly inspections are recommended to ensure proper valve functionality and to avoid any fines related to water contamination.

3.Older Building Owners Beware

Older buildings are the most vulnerable to backflow since many of them were constructed prior to codified municipal guidelines requiring valves at every cross-connection in the water system. It is a good idea to have a licensed plumber inspect your premises for any risky cross-connections.

Backflow is dangerous to the water supply. The good news is that it is preventable. Contact your local Indianapolis Roto-Rooter licensed plumber today for help in keeping your water clean and potable.

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