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Fixing a Leaky Showerhead | Roto-Rooter Houston

ShowerheadA leaky showerhead is a common annoyance for homeowners, for a number of reasons. A showerhead with a steady or irregular drip can cause frustration. The monetary cost of the leak adds up over time, too, by wasting water and increasing your monthly bill.

A leak from a showerhead is usually an easy fix, and even homeowners who don't regularly engage in do-it-yourself projects can frequently stop a drip or install a new showerhead. However, some issues are more serious and best left to the professionals. If the situation seems dire or your efforts don't stop the leak, get in touch with the professionals at Roto-Rooter.

Checking the threads

The threading on the shower arm - the pipe that extends from the wall - is a common source of leaks. Sometimes, fixing a leak is as simple as tightening the showerhead. It's important to hold onto the shower arm with one hand while twisting the showerhead with the other, so the arm isn't damaged or broken due to the force applied. If you need to use pliers to twist the head, opt for the channel-lock type of this tool and cover the teeth with tape to avoid harming the finish. If the leak seems to still be coming from this junction, remove the showerhead, apply a piece of teflon tape around the threading and replace the head.

Cleaning the showerhead

Cleaning your leaky showerhead to remove mineral deposits is a relatively simple task - soak the shower head overnight in a bowl of vinegar. Manually remove any remaining mineral deposits with an old toothbrush, then reattach. If your showerhead still leaks, it may be time to replace it.

Still having leaky showerhead problems after trying these tips? Call your local Houston Roto-Rooter for some expert assistance.

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