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Roto-Rooter: Hartford’s Preferred Plumbing Company for Faucet Repair

Roto-Rooter: Hartford’s Preferred Plumbing Company for Faucet Repair

Roto-Rooter’s skilled professional plumbers have over 80 years of experience in the industry and are trained to easily detect plumbing leaks and handle all kitchen faucet repair issues. Your kitchen sink is frequently used for everything from meal preparation to dishwashing so if the faucet isn’t working, it’s a major inconvenience. Roto-Rooter understands the importance of service and repairs done right. Who has time for a call back if the plumber makes a mistake? Roto-Rooter is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including weekends and holidays. And there’s no extra charge for nights, weekends or holidays. From kitchen faucet repair and replacement issues to servicing your dishwasher connections, garbage disposal and more, our kitchen plumbing experts can help you with it all. Roto-Rooter will get the plumbing in your kitchen back up and running smoothly in no time. 

Leaking Faucet: Causes & Tips    

Once on site, a Roto-Rooter licensed plumber will complete the following tasks when trying to identify a kitchen faucet leak:

  • Determine what is causing the leak
  • Disassemble the faucet
  • Install replacement parts, if needed
  • Reassemble the faucet

Sometimes the solution to a leaking faucet is simpler than you might think. Leaks can be caused by worn O-rings, cartridges or seals that sometimes need replacement. As with anything that gets frequent use, your kitchen faucet parts can wear over time. Roto-Rooter of Hartford’s team of skilled plumbers is trained to easily identify what needs to be repaired or replaced to get your faucet back to running at peak performance.

It is always important to address a leaking faucet as soon as possible. Not only can a leak be a nuisance but it will also cause an increase on your water bill- not to mention wasting one of our most precious resources – clean, fresh water. Learn more helpful water conservation tips while protecting our shared environment.

Interested in DIY home plumbing repair? Roto-Rooter offers helpful tips when you are trying to fix your leaking faucet yourself. Going it alone on plumbing repairs isn’t easy without years of experience so a skilled Roto-Rooter plumber is always ready to lend a hand if you get in over your head.

Helpful Kitchen Plumbing Tips

The following simple tips are designed to help keep the plumbing in your kitchen running properly:

  • Be mindful of what you put down your garbage disposal. Stringy foods like celery and banana peels can easily clog your drain and cause issues.
  • Never pour grease down the drain. Always wipe extra grease from pots and pans with a paper towel before cleaning in the sink.
  • To keep food scum and grease at bay, apply Roto-Rooter’s Pipe Shield drain maintenance product down the drain line once a month. Pipe Shield is designed to keep food and grease from building up which can cause clogs and drainage issues.
  • Run water down the drain before, during and after when using the garbage disposal. The added water helps to flush the waste through your drain line.

Hartford Sink Plumbing Services

Your kitchen is the heart of your home which is why dealing with a leaking faucet or kitchen plumbing emergency can wreak havoc on your routine. Whether you need a faucet repair or you have a more general kitchen plumbing problem, the experts at Roto-Rooter can help. Our team of prompt and professional plumbers in Hartford offers reliable service that you can depend on every time. Call our customer service hotline at 860-747-3890 to make an appointment any time of day or night, or schedule service online.

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