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Keeping Basement Floor Drains Clean | Roto-Rooter Ft Lauderdale

Floor drainDrains often accompany basements with concrete floor or similar surfaces. Although homeowners don't actively use these drains the way they do those in their sinks and showers, they're a vital component of a home's plumbing. Floor drains give liquids somewhere to go when they're spilled, whether a glass of water is knocked over or a broken pipe starts gushing. When the drain doesn't work as intended, problems from noxious odors to standing water on the basement floor can occur.

Fixing some floor drain problems is easy, but don't be afraid of calling the professionals at your local Ft. Lauderdale Roto-Rooter when an issue is too difficult to resolve on your own.

A smell in the basement

Basement floor drains are just like any other in your home - they have a U-trap that normally holds water to stop sewer gases from rising into your home and leaving unpleasant smells. Resolving this problem couldn't be simpler in most cases, as all you need to do is pour between two and five gallons of water into the drain to refill the U-trap. Doing this at least a few times a year helps clear the drain and trap odors.

Clogged drains

A basement floor drain clog can range from easy to difficult to resolve. The cause may be as basic as dirt, dust or grime blocking the drain. In that case, cleaning your drains could be as simple as flushing the drain with hot water.. If that doesn't work and there isn't standing water on the floor, drop one cup each of baking soda and vinegar down the drain, followed by two gallons of very hot water.

Not every clog, or even every stench, can be fixed without professional help. Reach out to your Ft. Lauderdale Roto-Rooter to clear up those difficult problems.

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