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Fixing a Broken Garbage Disposal | Roto-Rooter Ft. Lauderdale

Garbage disposalA garbage disposal is an indispensable item in many kitchens, filling a role that doesn't easily fall to any other appliance. A garbage disposal helps keep kitchens sanitary while also making cleanup efforts simpler and faster and reducing the amount of trash a household throws out. A broken garbage disposal can be a significant problem, but the good news is there are some easy fixes homeowners can try themselves. If they don't work, a call to Roto-Rooter may be in order.

Fixing a few common problems

The first step to take when working on your garbage disposal, no matter the specific issue, is disconnecting the unit from its power source. There's one unique situation to consider in this respect, however. If your disposal won't activate at all - no noise or motion whatsoever - you likely need to reset the unit. Locate the reset button and pressing it, then trying out the disposal. If it still doesn't work, you'll need to check the outlet with another appliance and the circuit breaker connected to that power source.

For issues like accidentally dropping large or unbreakable items into the disposal, it's critical that you safely turn off or disconnect the unit's power source first. Then, you can use a pair of tongs or a similar tool to fish out the blockage. Never place your hand inside the disposal, as the sharp blades are dangerous even when stationary. For more complicated or involved problems, reach out to your local Ft. Lauderdale Roto-Rooter.

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