Water Damage Restoration Services in Mountain House, CA

All it takes is a few inches of water to create a serious water damage threat to your home or office. The harmful effects of water damage can be reduced greatly by the prompt and reliable water damage restoration services from Roto-Rooter. Our water damage experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, when you need service most, to quickly repair the problem (if applicable) and prevent further water damage.

If you're seeking a water damage company, Roto-Rooter’s water restoration professionals will provide an on-site evaluation and work directly with your insurance company to make the water damage restoration experience as hassle-free as possible.

*All services not available from all locations.

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Steps to Take to Minimize Water Damage:

  1. If necessary, turn off the water to your home.
  2. Disconnect the power to affected areas.
  3. Unplug and remove electronics and electric appliances from the affected area.
  4. Remove furniture and other portable items.
  5. Document any water damage and personal losses.

The flood restoration process consists of two major phases:

Water Removal 

Water Damage Cleanup

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood damage restoration may be needed for a flood emergency that can happen at any time. A flooded basement can be caused by oversaturated ground around your home, an overflowing river or stream, a broken sump pump, storm sewer backup, a burst pipe, faulty appliance or plumbing fixture and even seepage through the foundation floor or walls.

If flood water inside your home is not addressed promptly, your walls, as well as your carpet, flooring, ceiling and personal property can quickly become damaged, creating an unsafe environment ripe for breeding bacteria, rot and mold growth. The flood restoration process consists of two major phases: flood water removal, and flood cleanup.

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Great Service. Your tech handled my issue with great care and was very knowledgeable about the water damage restoration process.

The tech was here early and was very helpful in detecting our problem-- an AC leak. He also suggested Roto-Rooter's water damage restoration services for the water damage. ... I'm a very happy customer.

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Your techs were very professional and did a great job for us. As was the entire water damage restoration team. We couldn't have been more pleased or impressed ... with Roto-Rooter! Thank you.

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