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Roto-Rooter: Durham’s Preferred Plumber for Toilet Repair

Roto-Rooter: Durham’s Preferred Plumber for Toilet Repair

Toilet emergencies can happen anytime – that’s why Roto-Rooter offers skilled service professionals 24/7. We also understand that repair needs, no matter how big, shouldn’t cost an arm and leg. Roto-Rooter of Durham offers excellent service at an affordable price. Let us take care of it and get your toilet working correctly in no time with Durham’s most popular toilet plumbing company. Call us today!

Clogged Toilets: Causes & Fixes

No one wants to deal with a clogged toilet or even worse, an overflow situation. But, sometimes, it happens. However, toilet clogs often can be prevented with these simple steps:

  • Only flush what is supposed to be flushed: toilet paper and human waste. Never flush feminine products, napkins or paper towels - anything that doesn’t easily dissolve and could clog your toilet.
  • Use only the amount of toilet paper you really need and don’t flush large amounts.
  • Tree or shrub roots can get into your pipes and cause damage. A professional drain cleaner can cut out roots to improve flow and efficiency.

Sometimes repairs can be simple and can even be attempted on your own. Unclogging a toilet can be done easily with these easy-to-follow steps:

  • Remove the tank lid and pull up the float ball to keep the toilet from overflowing.
  • Turn off the water supply at the valve located at the toilet’s base.
  • With a toilet plunger, plunge your toilet 2-3 times with good force and repeat until your toilet starts to drain again.

Not every clog is a do-it-yourself project, that's why you should call Roto-Rooter’s Durham clogged toilet service for service from one of our toilet repair professionals. Roto-Rooter service is available 24/7 and we pride ourselves on fast and professional repairs. Call Roto-Rooter anytime for help making toilet repairs or any other plumbing problem.

Check out our DIY video or valuable bathroom plumbing tips to help prevent issues in the future.

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

A leaky toilet may not seem like an emergency but water leaks can damage your home and increase your utility bill due to excessive water usage. Addressing your leaky toilet is important. Understand the importance of water conservation here at important tips.

How can you tell if you have a leak? Simply drop food coloring into your toilet’s tank – wait 15 minutes to see if there is color in the bowl. If so, you have a leak. Fixing your leaking toilet might require the following actions:

  • Replace the flapper valve.
  • Replace the fill valve.
  • Check float ball to ensure it moves freely.
  • Call on Roto Rooter’s Durham team of professionals – available to you 24/7 for all types of toilet repair services.

Durham’s Toilet Plumbing Services

Whether you have a leak, a clog or parts that need replacement, Roto-Rooter Durham service professionals are available 24/7.

For fast and efficient service available anytime – all year long – call a Roto-Rooter customer service representative at 919-598-0255 to make an appointment or schedule service online.

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