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Dealing with a Loose Toilet | Roto-Rooter Durham

ToiletWhile toilets are long-lasting fixtures, they inevitably wear down and eventually require total replacement. If your toilet is wobbly or seems less than secure when you sit on it, it's time to check its moorings and make sure it sits steady on the bathroom floor. Ignoring this problem can lead to safety issues and a broken toilet. If it seems like even after a do-it-yourself fix that the toilet is still wobbling and causing problems, consider giving Roto-Rooter a call - a replacement might be in order.

Fixing the loose bolts

Loose nuts are a common cause of a wobbly toilet. Over time, these pieces of hardware can slowly loosen, which means more movement of the toilet - and that can further undo the nuts. To check the nuts and bolts and correct the issue, grab an adjustable wrench and tightening them. Because they can sit mostly unmoved for years at a time and are exposed to a damp environment, the nuts may stick to the bolts. A little oil or other lubricant sprayed onto the nuts can help them get moving in the right direction. Be careful not to apply too much force when tightening, as you can damage the toilet.

If your toilet continues to wobble, you might have more deep-seated issues. Some problems with the toilet's flange can be fixed by homeowners, but are significantly more complicated to repair properly. You may be better served by having your local Durham Roto-Rooter do the heavy lifting.

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