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How Mold Forms in Your Home | Roto-Rooter Denver

Showers are common areas for mold development.Three words are enough to send any homeowner into a panic: You have mold. While there are some varieties that can be dangerous to your health and should be taken care of right away, there are other strains that are more common and can be easily resolved. Let's look at how mold forms in a home:

Steamy showers

If you've ever had to scrub stuff out of the tub, shower grout or off the ceiling in your bathroom, it was likely mold. Showers are perfect breeding grounds for mold because of the humidity that lingers when there's poor ventilation and relative darkness of the room. Simply leaving the fan on for 30 minutes after a shower can deter mold development. If mold does form, it can typically be taken care of with household cleaners.


When a pipe leaks under cabinets, in the basement or in the walls, it will cause water damage to these areas as well as create mold. It's critical to address a leak as quickly and effectively as possible. If water damage isn't properly cleaned after a leak, mold can quickly develop. In fact, when the conditions are right, mold can start growing within 24 to 48 hours. Call your local Denver Roto-Rooter professional to ensure that the leak is fixed and that the impacted area has been properly addressed.

Direction of your home

Mold can also develop on the outside of your home. You might notice your house is looking a little green in some spots. This can happen when water rests on your house, but there isn't sun shining on it to dry it properly. These spots are common in every home, but the mold can be easily cleaned with a power sprayer. Just make sure to do it when it's likely to get dried by the sun and heat.

Mold can be daunting for homeowners. If you tackle it quickly with the correct approaches you can streamline your process back to a normal mold-free home.

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