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Is Your Water Pressure Too High?

High water pressure can cause pipe leaks.Many people call upon their plumbers because they have a lack of  water pressure in their faucets. While it's certainly nice to enjoy a steady stream of water in your shower, it's actually possible that your faucets can have water pressure that's too high. This can be enjoyable for a little while, but the fact that you can get the shampoo out of your hair in record time will get old very quickly when you receive an astronomical water bill! Here's what you should know about excessive water pressure:

It can cause damage

Having high water pressure for too long can cause leaks in your plumbing system, potentially causing damage to your walls or floor, depending on where the pipes spring a leak. Excessive water pressure can cause your sinks to be noisy, or even shorten the lifespan of your water-related appliances. These can become very expensive problems very quickly.

You can regulate it

There are many causes for high water pressure. The location of your home, thermal expansion, your showerhead or your water company's regulations may all be culprits. If you suspect that your water pressure is too high, consider changing the problem faucets or showerheads. If the problem is in every faucet in your home, try installing a water pressure regulator on your main water line. If you still think your water pressure is too high, call your local Columbus Roto-Rooter for professional help.

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