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What are the Dangers of Tree Root Systems? | Roto-Rooter Colorado Springs

Tree rootsFor new or even seasoned homeowners, tree roots may be a terrifying mystery as far as your plumbing system goes. The gorgeous tree in your backyard provides a home for birds and squirrels and shade for your deck, but there could be a lurking danger. What is the impact of tree roots on your plumbing?

The root of the problem

Certain trees are more likely to clog up your pipes than others. For example, the silver maple tree has an extensive root system that could present numerous dangers to homeowners. You could go downstairs, and suddenly find that your basement has been flooded due to a tree root blockage in your drainage pipes. Pipes are a good source of all the nutrients a tree needs to survive, so when there is even a tiny leak in the system, roots will find a way to worm inside and cause blockage and breakage.

An easy fix to the problem of tree roots destroying your sewer lines is to observe good planting practices. Make sure not to plant anything directly above the main sewer lines; another method is to create a barrier of slow-release chemicals like copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide between the sewer lines and trees.

Be prepared

Older homes are especially susceptible to issues that stem from the presence of tree root systems, however, because good planting practices can't exactly be observed for trees that are already decades old. Homeowners need to make sure they have a plan in place for when the unthinkable happens. Investing in good plumbing services and making sure you get a professional in to assess the potential problems with your home is critical.

For more information on how tree roots can impact your plumbing system and for help with planning for the worst, get in touch with your local plumbing experts at your local Colorado Springs Roto-Rooter today.

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