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4 Ways a Professional Plumber Can Bail You Out in Clearwater | Roto-Rooter Clearwater

Like many other cities throughout the Sunshine State, Clearwater, Florida, has grown by leaps and bounds in recent decades.

Unsurprisingly, Clearwater and the rest of Pinellas County have also been through a construction boom along the way that has greatly expanded the local stock of residential and commercial buildings. But this means that a lot of new property is exposed to the flooding that often washes into the area from the Gulf of Mexico.

Here's how a professional plumber can help keep your home or business dry:

1) Provide water restoration

Floods, like the ones that swept through Pinellas County in August 2015, can leave behind a lot of standing water and floating debris. Those floods left some residents wading through more than six feet of water, as well as bunches of unfamiliar furniture.

Water damage restoration is essential for recovering from this type of situation. A team of professional plumbers vacuums up the visible water and also uses dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to filter out the air throughout the building. This helps prevent future mold growth.

2) Detect foundation leaks

The earlier you can catch foundation flooding, the better. Even a few inches of water can trigger an explosion in destructive mold.

Professional plumbers excel at finding all types of leaks, even subtle ones that you might not discover right away. Broken pipe? Cracked water heater? They'll locate the cause and provide the service you need to repair your infrastructure and clean out any excess water.

3) Fix kitchen valves and fixtures

Florida has one of the richest supplies of fresh water in the U.S. thanks to its surface water and numerous aquifers. But this doesn't mean that you should allow water to go to waste, which it easily can with leaky kitchen valves, fixtures and pipes.

Homeowners in the low-lying parts of Pinellas County in particular should keep an eye out for leaky kitchen plumbing that could cause standing water to accumulate around their already flood-prone houses. Consult a professional plumber so that the leak can be located and fixed as quickly as possible. 

4) Offer round-the-clock service
Plumbing problems don't follow a set schedule. They could intrude upon you at any time, day or night, which is why it's important to have a reliable emergency plumbing service you can call.

Even if your home floods at 3 in the morning, you can call your local Clearwater Roto-Rooter professional plumber and be confident that he or she will arrive with top-notch equipment and the experience needed for the situation at hand. In a low-lying coastal city like Clearwater, this 24/7 availability is crucial for dealing with unexpected floods and leaks.

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