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How to Test for Lead in Your Water | Roto-Rooter Chicago

Test for lead levels in your waterOngoing investigations into high lead water levels in Chicago-area schools and homes serve as a reminder for all homeowners to get their system evaluated. Lead builds up in the body over time and can become toxic. Here are a few tips to assess your risk for lead in your water:

Check your fixtures

One of the easiest ways to determine your risk is to look at your current fixtures. If you have lead pipes, fittings or faucets, you'll want to test your water right away. Fixtures used in homes built after January 1, 2014, are required to meet lead-free requirements, so any home created before this date should have its water assessed as well.

Get a home test

After evaluating your risk, it's time to start testing your water. Many home improvement stores have home lead testing kits. However, these tests may not provide all the necessary information to ensure that your water is safe. If the kit determines that there's lead in your water, it's important to take action right away to verify the result and fix the situation. Even if the kit indicates that there's no lead, it may be worth it to get a second opinion.

Call an expert

If you want to have full confidence in your plumbing system and water quality, call in a plumbing professional. These individuals have the skills, tools and expertise required to thoroughly test water for lead and determine where it's coming from. Call your local Chicago Roto-Rooter plumbing expert today to test your water and provide the peace of mind that your water is safe.

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