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What to Do When Your Water Pressure Drops | Roto-Rooter Cheektowaga

Low pressure associated with hot water use is commonly caused by water heater issues.Low water pressure is a major nuisance that can be hard for homeowners to escape. Reduced flow from shower heads and sinks that do little more than trickle can be indicative of other underlying issues as well. The good news is there are some actions you can take yourself to potentially fix water pressure issues. If the problem persists, consider getting in touch with your local Cheektowaga Roto-Rooter to resolve it.

Localized water pressure loss

The loss of water pressure in a single room inside the home is likely an issue with the fixture or the pipes connected to it. For sinks, try unscrewing the faucet head and checking the aerator for any mineral deposits or similar accumulation. Cleaning the aerator is as simple as soaking it in a mixture of vinegar and water. The same approach can be used for showers, and homeowners shouldn't be afraid to buy replacements if cleaning the existing items doesn't work. If low pressure persists after such efforts, it could be an issue with deposits inside your pipes.

Hot water pressure loss

Pressure loss that only occurs when hot water is used frequently indicates an issue with your water heater. One possibility is the shutoff valve is partially closed. Opening that valve may resolve the problem. If it doesn't, that probably means the water heater needs to be serviced or replaced. For such a big job, consider bringing in Roto-Rooter to do the heavy lifting.

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