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The Benefits of a Video Camera Line Inspection | Roto-Rooter Cheektowaga

Video camera inspectionFor most homeowners, plumbing is a part of the house that holds great significance but isn't thought about much until there's an issue.

Everyone has likely encountered a situation where the sinks, toilets and shower were all working fine until one day, without warning, a plumber discovers there's a major issue with the pipes or water system in and around your home.

Whether you're currently experiencing noticeable plumbing issues or want to know what's going on underneath your house, call your local Cheektowaga Roto-Rooter to schedule a video camera line inspection.

What's a video inspection?

As the name implies, a video camera line inspection is a procedure that professionals from Roto-Rooter conduct to visually inspect the sewer lines under your house's foundation, in the cement and underground.

A high-resolution camera is able to maneuver through pipes that range from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter. As video is relayed back, professionals are able to spot any underlying issues and recommend fixes.

Why you should schedule an inspection

By requesting a video inspection, the plumber is also able to identify potential problem areas in and around your home. Furthermore, you may need to change some habits that can be contributing to plumbing issues.

For instance, a video inspection may reveal grease buildups which you'll have to unclog. You may think again about always throwing greasy food and liquids down the sink. Even nature can cause a need for a camera line inspection. Check out our video of what finding a giant rock in the line can lead to.

Video inspections cannot be completed on your own. Contact the professionals at your Cheektowaga Roto-Rooter to find out exactly what's giving you plumbing issues.

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