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How to Find Hidden Leaks in Your Home

Leaking pipeNothing is worse than finding out that you had a leak and that it's caused parts of your home to rot over time. It's important to do regular inspections to ensure that your systems are operating appropriately and that there are no abnormalities. Here are a few easy ways to find hidden leaks in your home:

1. Look at your meter

One of the best ways to detect a leak is to check your water meter. First, turn off the water to your home. Dishwashers, washing machines and faucets shouldn't be running during this test. If the meter changes despite the water being off, this indicates that you have a leak.

2. Monitor your usage

Every month you should get a bill for your water usage, and it should be fairly consistent. However, if there's a spike in your usage and cost, but your habits haven't changed, it could be a result of a leak. Check to see if there's a steady increase over months or if the jump happened suddenly. This could stem from a burst pipe or other plumbing issues that must be addressed.

3. Ask a professional

Leaks are nothing to handle on your own, especially if they are hidden by walls or underground. If you believe that you have a hidden leak within your home, it's in your best interest to call a professional. Your local Cheektowaga Roto-Rooter plumbing expert has the tools necessary to find and fix a leak, as well as discuss courses of action that will be least disruptive to your home.

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