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Outdoor Leak Repair Services

Outdoor faucets can be super handy. You may have a sink near your patio to use during barbecues or at your wet bar. You probably also have one attached to your home in order to allow you to water your garden and wash the car. Occasionally you'll find you have outdoor leaks that require attention. Here are some things to know about your outdoor faucets:

Outdoor leak repair

Fixing outdoor leaks is not always a job for a professional. You may be able to handle the task yourself with a few DIY tips. Once you've established that your outdoor faucet is leaking, you'll have to figure out the cause. First, check the handle. If it's not tight enough, you may find some water droplets escaping. If that's not the issue, it's possible that a seal in your fixture has worn out. When a leak escalates from a few droplets to a stream, it's best to call a plumber. Roto-Rooter has a vast outdoor plumbing service list that our professional plumbers can help you with. Not only will they fix the issue, they will arrive prepared and on-time, ready to provide outdoor faucet service.  

Leaks can cause serious damage

In your home, if the bathtub or kitchen sink faucet leak, the water simply goes down the drain. While it is a waste of natural resources and can add some money to your monthly water bill, these small leaks are not a huge issue. Outdoor leaks, however, can cause real problems with your home. The water that drips out may seep into your basement or even lead to frozen pipes in the wintertime. Because there is often not a sink basin for the leaked water to run into, it works its way into the ground and can damage your home. There are some ways to prevent this, though. Consider the following three questions when purchasing a house:

  1. What is the soil around the home made up of? If the area has clay soil, it may corrode your pipes. Over time, your outdoor plumbing and water lines may become weak and break, leaking water and sewage into the soil and severely damaging the home and yard. Sandy soils are the best when it comes to protecting your pipes because they do not cause corrosion.
  2. Are there large trees near the house? A common cause of outdoor plumbing problems involves tree roots causing underground pipe leaks. When the roots travel and grow, they can become huge and break through your pipes. You may have seen a similar scenario when a root grew through concrete or cement sidewalk. Nothing can stop these guys. Always plant trees with location in mind - don't place them too close to your home or they can even grow into the pipes, leading to clogs and other issues.
  3. How old are the pipes? The longer the pipes have been in use, the worse shape they are likely in. Some homes even have water pipes that were installed right after World War ll​, which means they are prone to leaks and breakage. When a home is listed for sale, the realtor and owners must disclose information like how old the plumbing system is. If you are concerned the pipes may be compromised, have a Roto-Rooter plumbing professional inspect the home before making an offer. Being proactive and checking for plumbing problems before moving in can save you a lot of money and construction issues in the future.


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