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How to Save on Utilities When Cooking for the Holidays | Roto-Rooter Victoria

DishwasherThe holiday season is right around the corner, which means plenty of family gatherings, copious amount of food, and general merriment. But with all that fun and food can come some outsized utility bills, particularly for water, gas and electricity. By adopting water saving techniques and other ways to curb energy use, you can keep your utility bills reasonable even while entertaining friends and family.

Water saving tips

Cleaning up after a big meal means lots of water use. While it might make sense to hand wash dishes for maximum water efficiency, this is actually not the case with modern, water-saving dishwashers. These appliances will almost always use less water, particularly more expensive hot water, when cleaning up after meals. Also, skip the rinse in the sink to double your energy savings. Unless some dishes have a lot of grease built up, it's probably best to throw scraps in the garbage before filling the dishwasher otherwise, this could result in some dishwasher trouble.

Other energy saving habits

Take advantage of some other energy-saving opportunities while cooking meals:

  • Set the thermostat lower when using the oven, since its heat will flow throughout your home.

  • Use lids when cooking on the stove to reduce heating time.

  • Ceramic or glass pans retain more heat than metal, allowing you to cook food faster with less energy required.

Before you get busy in the kitchen this winter, call your local Victoria Roto-Rooter plumbing professional and ask about installing a new, more efficient dishwasher.

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