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What to Look for in a New Washing Machine | Roto-Rooter Maple Ridge

Washing machineWith all the technology included in modern washing machines, buying a new one can feel like buying a new car or television. This can make the sheer number of options overwhelming, especially when looking for just the right one that fits your needs and your budget.

Top-load vs. Front-load

The majority of washers come in one of two categories: front-load and top-load. The physical differences are self-explanatory, but each one also comes with its own benefits and sticking points. Keep these general considerations in mind when picking out a new washer.


Top-load washers tend to be the less expensive of the two categories. Most newer top-loading washers are considered high-efficiency because the basin does not have a center agitator post. This allows the user to fill more laundry into the machine, cutting down on water use and saving time which means more time for you and less dollars on the water bill. Wash cycles on top-loading machines tend to be shorter, and their spin cycle can remove more water..


Front-load washers tend to be the more expensive of the two options, but have several things going for them as well. With a slower and gentler mechanism for mixing laundry and water, front-loading machines are usually easier on delicate fabrics. They can also save space, and are ideal for homes with smaller laundry rooms or apartments.

Once you've picked the right washing machine for you, call your local Maple Ridge Roto-Rooter plumbing professional to help install and service it.

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