4 Concerns That Constitute as Plumbing Emergencies in Calgary

September 01, 2016

Water damagePlumbing emergencies are scary - not just because your bathroom is now a swimming pool, but because the expenses involved in repairing your home can often do more damage than your broken toilet. If you find yourself in dire need of a plumber, contact your Calgary, Alberta, Roto-Rooter professional as soon as the crisis arises.

Here are four plumbing emergencies that call for a professional:

Overflowing toilets

You start to notice the water progressively rising higher and higher in the toilet bowl, and it just doesn't seem to be going down - uh oh, it's flowing onto the floor. Now what? You reach your hand inside the tank to close the shutoff valve - still nothing but a waterfall. Something inside the tank isn't working properly and most likely needs to be fixed.

Leaks inside the wall

To detect a hidden leak, you'll want to look for deterioration or rotting within the framing of your walls. This typically occurs from a frozen or corroded pipe that has been leaking or, even worse, is completely busted. Before your plumber arrives, turn off the main water valve, or even just the valve that supports the pipe that is leaking. To prevent future mold growth, a professional will need to replace your cracked pipe as soon as possible.If you notice deterioration or severe damage to your walls, you are facing an internal leak due to a busted or frozen pipe.

No hot water

Being without hot water is bad for two reasons: frigid showers and a broken water heater. If you're experiencing this nightmare, the problem is either a malfunction in your water heater, electrical problems or a general leak in your pipelines - unless you forgot to pay your electric bill this month, then there's your issue right there. There are a handful of items that can cause a malfunction or wear out your water heater, so contact a professional so you aren't turning this into a DIY- type project.

Learn more about your water heater.

Sewage backup

Are you constantly running around your home chasing that foul smell? Well, the chase stops here because the awful scent is coming from most of your drains. Warning signs of sewage backup include drain clogs, nauseating odors, rumbling toilets and a tiny pool of water surrounding the drain in your basement. This definitely constitutes as a plumbing emergency - do you really want to tackle a sewer-system backup without professional experience? Probably not - contact the experts.

For additional questions about what constitutes as a plumbing emergency, call your Calgary Roto-Rooter professional today.