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How Fluctuating Temperatures Can Affect your Household Pipes | Roto-Rooter Calgary

Basement pipesHere in Calgary, Alberta, the summer has been a scorcher. With temperatures reaching into the high 20s and even surpassing 30 degrees Celsius, these warmer months have been wreaking havoc on households across the city.

However, things will change drastically in the upcoming months, as Canada begins to see the signs of the approaching fall and winter. Records show temperatures fluctuate considerably during this time, with a 5 to 7 degree difference in average temperatures month to month through the end of the year.

This type of weather can have quite the impact on the pipes in your home. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to prepare your plumbing for the colder months while the weather is still warm.

Broken pipes: The threat grows

One of the biggest problems many homeowners deal with is bursting pipes. This often takes place when temperatures change drastically – such as they do in Calgary in the coming winter months.

However, bursting pipes aren't just threats when there are cooler temperatures. Warm, dry conditions can also cause pipelines to burst, particularly when they are buried underground. These conditions put added stress on pipes that can lead to breaks.

When these fluctuating conditions take place within a matter of months, it can increase the risk on your home's water pipes. So what should you do?

Prepare ahead of time

One of the best things Calgary homeowners can do is take a few steps to prepare their plumbing for the colder months ahead.

It's important to first locate lines that run through uninsulated regions of the home, including in the basement, garage, attic or crawl space. It can be helpful to protect these pipes with a padded covering or caulk to lessen the impact of fluctuating temperatures.

When the cooler temperatures do begin to make their way to Calgary, it's critical that homeowners remember to disconnect and remove any outdoor hoses, and put an outdoor faucet insulation in place. It's also beneficial to seal any cracks or openings in walls or foundation that can allow cooler air to breach the house and impact your plumbing. This includes closing air vents inside crawl spaces or other areas as the weather begins to cool off. Caulking or a polyurethane spray is especially effective for smaller gaps between building materials.

Contact an expert

While these handful of tips are certainly helpful, this is only the beginning when it comes to waterproofing your plumbing against the impacts of fluctuating temperatures. For more best practices, contact your local Roto-Rooter to ensure your house is prepared for everything our Calgary climate can dish out.

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