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How to Unclog Your Toilet in a Pinch | Roto-Rooter Bothell

A plunger can be used for almost every toilet clog.A clogged toilet can be stress-inducing for any homeowner, but there's more than one way to relieve this problem and ensure that your system is running appropriately. Here are a few tips to unclog your toilet in a pinch:

Plunge it!

It's safe to assume that your pipes will be blocked at some point, so it's in your best interest to invest in a plunger. Not only is this one of the most effective ways of clearing clogs, but plungers and plumbing snakes are also relatively cheap. Use the plunger to seal the toilet drain and get to work. It may take multiple attempts to loosen the blockage, and you may have to alternate your strokes, but you'll likely be able to clear it with just this tool. A plumbing snake can also be used to prevent water displacement and to pull out or break up debris.

Clear the clog with chemicals

If you're in a dire emergency and have no plunger or plumbing snake to help you, there are a few common household items that can help. Pour a teaspoon of dish soap and hot water can break up the clog enough to push it through. Homeowners could also use baking soda and vinegar to get the same effect. With these chemicals, it'll be easy to handle your clog in a difficult situation.

If you use these approaches and are still having trouble clearing the clog on your own, call your local plumbing expert today!

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