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How to Tell If Your Pipes are Frozen | Roto-Rooter Boston

Frozen pipesTemperatures start dropping in Boston during this time of year, and these changes can pose some danger to your home if you're not prepared. Boston’s bitter weather can cause frozen pipes which can lead to major leaks and bursts in your system, causing significant damage. Here are a few tips to help you tell if your pipes are frozen.

1. Persistent issues

If your system suddenly starts shutting down or experiencing problems when winter hits, that could be a sign of a frozen pipe. Water that comes out slowly, is discolored or smells funny could all be the result of a frozen pipe. If water isn't coming out at all when you turn it on, this could indicate the scale of the issue and may require a professional to fix it.

2. Visible frost

Sometimes the problem will be visible after a big freeze in your area. If the temperatures outside fall to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you should check on your visible pipes, sinks and the basement. You may be able to see frost accumulated on the exterior of the pipe. Before you turn on the faucet, it will be necessary to thaw it and should be a sign to check that no other points in your system were affected.

3. Get expert help

If you're experiencing issues with your plumbing or are unsure if your pipes are frozen, call in a plumbing expert. Your local Boston Roto-Rooter plumbing professional can identify any areas that may be subject to freezing and can suggest ways to remedy the issue. An expert can also help properly thaw out a frozen pipe to prevent damage and get your home into working order again.

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