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How to Prevent Your Pipes from Bursting in the Winter

Freezing winter temperatures can cause a pipe to burst.During the winter, the likelihood of a burst pipe can skyrocket. This can lead to frozen pipes which can cause water damage and a number of necessary repairs. Homeowners must take action to prevent these types of situations from occurring. Here are a few tips to prevent your pipes from bursting in the winter:

1. Watch for freezing

The main cause of a burst pipe is freezing temperatures. If the temperature in your home drops below 50 degrees then you are at risk for your pipes to freeze.  When water is frozen, it expands and can push against the pipe, degrading it and even creating holes for a burst. It is important for Homeowners to check for condensation, water and frost on pipes in the basement as well as under sinks. Keep your home at a reasonable temperature to maintain warmth and stave off freezing issues.

2. Insulate them

The best preventative action you can take is to insulate your exposed pipes. Pipe insulators are relatively cheap and easy to set up, making it a great DIY project that will pay for itself in no time. Insulation ensures that even in the coldest weather, pipes will have protection, preventing them from bursting or becoming damaged. Check out our easy step-by-step video tutorial.

3. Call an expert

If you're worried that a pipe in your home may be frozen or burst this winter, don't tackle it alone. Improperly thawing out a pipe can cause even more problems, and if it's within the wall, you'll want to rely on a professional to handle it. These individuals have the skills and tools necessary to make as little disruption as possible while also ensuring that your pipes are back in working order.

Winters in Boston can drop to subzero levels, making it a critical time for burst and frozen pipes. Call your local Roto-Rooter plumbing professional to insulate, thaw or replace your pipes.

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