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How to Prepare Your Gutters for the Winter | Roto-Rooter Boston

Clear your gutters before winterWinter’s temperature is starting to seep its way into fall weather. As the temperatures start to gradually dip, the fear of what the cold will take a toll in the next few months has arrived. While the weather is still above normal cold conditions, it's important to take the opportunity now to prepare your gutters for the winter ahead.

Clear them out

Gutters and downspouts must be clear in order for water to be sent out and away from your home. If you have a bunch of leaves clogging these areas from the fall, water will run over and seep into your foundation. This can cause cracks and a number of other issues. Use a power washer or your hands to clear out the debris and ensure that your gutters are in shape for the winter. You can also identify and repair any cracks or holes during this time.

Conduct full inspection

After you clean out the gutters and downspouts, you'll want to inspect it. If there's any rusting or deterioration, cracks, popped screw heads, missing gaskets, discoloration at gutter connections, wiggling or sagging, you'll want to make any necessary fixes before the winter comes. This will ensure that your gutters can handle the pressure of the winter and that your home will also be ready after the big thaw in the spring.

Take preventative measures

Leaf guards and downspout extensions can be significant assets for homeowners looking to winterize their gutters. The guards will prevent any more leaves from clogging the spouts after you clean them out. Extensions will be useful for directing, water, ice and snow farther away from the base of your home.

For more tips and tricks on winterizing your home, contact your local Boston Roto-Rooter.

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