Your Plumber Will Help You Protect Your Investment

Your Plumber Will Help You Protect Your Investment

Are you finding the responsibilities of keeping your home and yard in good repair and looking great hard to do? Does it seem that every time you turn around, there is something else that needs your money or attention? A home is the biggest investment most folks will ever make in their lives. If this is true for you, you know how important it is to protect that investment. Think of the money you pay to your Roto-Rooter plumber and the furnace repair person as part of that investment.

Owning your own home is a big part of the American dream. It gives the feeling of belonging and permanence in a way renting never can do. There are a lot tasks involved in keeping your little piece of that dream in tiptop condition. You will find it easier to stay on top of those tasks if you do two things: first, set up an account specifically for home improvement, maintenance, and repairs, and second, make a yearly maintenance calendar.

Get a bank account that you add to monthly for repair jobs, improvements, and maintenance to avoid debt when something goes wrong. If your plumber informs you that your anode rod has worn out and your water heater has corroded, you will have the money to replace it. This will save you from having to finance it and pay interest. A very wise man stated, “A person who understands interest earns it. He who doesn’t pays it.” Just having that fund set aside for emergencies and projects will give you peace of mind. It will also allow you to do the maintenance jobs, like re-roofing your home, in a timely manner.

Get all the jobs around your home and yard listed and categorize them. For instance, have one category for the yard, one for systems that require servicing like the heating and cooling, and one for yearly maintenance like staining the fence. Next, transfer these tasks to a calendar and put them in months they belong in. Try to spread out the tasks evenly so you don’t end up with too many at once. Each month, check your calendar to see what is coming up in the next four to six weeks and plan accordingly. Make appointments with service people and assemble the supplies you will need to accomplish the jobs.

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