3 Tips to Winterize Your Yonker’s, NY Plumbing | Roto-Rooter

3 Tips to Winterize Your Yonker’s, NY Plumbing | Roto-Rooter

3 Tips to Winterize Your Yonkers NY PlumbingThe holiday season in the state of New York can be a beautiful one. The snowfall and accompanying colder temperatures are enough to get anyone in the holiday spirit. Tis the season when you might be playing host to a number of friends and family members throughout the celebrations. The plumbing in your home is probably not used to accommodating so many people, but there are a few easy steps you can take to help prevent frozen pipes and any other major issues in your Yonkers, New York home during the holidays:

Pay attention to what you put down the disposal

With all of the added company and the special holiday menu, your kitchen's garbage disposal will no doubt be getting more use than normal. Not only will you use the disposal more frequently, but you'll be getting rid of different kinds of things, too. Do your best to avoid putting grease, bones and skin from turkey and chicken, and hard-to-grind foods like celery down the drain to prevent a garbage disposal repair situation. The last thing you want is a clogged sink while you have all your friends and family over. So, instead of emptying into the sink all of the scraps from plates and food preparation, scrape food remnants into the trash. Use the disposal only for small bits of food that rinse off before washing. If you aren't sure about something, it's probably best to err on the side of caution and throw it in a garbage bag. Be sure to run plenty of cold water before and during disposal use.

Protect your plumbing

It's important to protect your plumbing from the colder temperatures. One of the most common plumbing problems during the winter involves frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can burst, creating quite a water mess and the expense for repairs. There are a couple of easy tips to prevent frozen pipes from freezing. Winterize your plumbing and start by insulating any pipes that are near the outer walls of your house and the ones that are the most exposed to the cool air. Simply add a layer of insulation around the pipes to keep them safe from the dropping temperatures. Heat tape also keeps pipes warm and can be easily applied. Another great way to prevent frozen pipes is to let leave your faucets slowly dripping throughout the day. The small movement of water in your pipes will usually keep them from freezing. Learn more about protecting your plumbing all year round with our helpful seasonal plumbing tips.

Bathroom tips

Extra guests for the holidays also means more traffic to the bathroom with lots more flushes... and possibly showers. Be sure to keep a trash can in the bathroom for guests to discard non-flushable items like cotton balls, facial tissues, make-up pads, sanitary products and diapers as they do not dissolve and can clog the lines. Turn up the temperature on your water heater to provide more hot water for extra showers. Be careful, though, not to exceed 125°F to prevent scalding. View our fun facts for additional information and more helpful bathroom tips.

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