5 Steps To Winterize Your Orlando Home | Roto-Rooter

5 Steps To Winterize Your Orlando Home | Roto-Rooter

5 Steps To Winterize Your Orlando HomeFlorida winters may not seem like winter at all. With the sun shining, it's hard to grasp that the weather has changed. However, protecting your home and home’s plumbing in Orlando, Florida, during the colder seasons is essential. Here's how to winterize your Orlando home.

1. Seal your doors and windows
Fresh air is great when the weather is beautiful. However, when winter sets in, you're going to want to keep all the warm air inside. The best way to ensure this is by sealing all your home's openings, like windows and doors. This can be done a number of ways using adhesive foam or weather stripping replacements.

If you're not sure whether your doors are letting in too much cold air or not, there are easy ways to check. For example, to test how airtight a door is, shut it on a piece of paper. If you can pull out the paper from underneath easily and without tearing it, there is too much air escaping, and you should make improvements. Sealing your doors and windows will help to leave the cold air out and winterize your home.

2. Protect your plumbing systems
Although freezing pipes bursting predominantly happens in colder areas, we occasionally get those rare winter storms in Florida that wreak havoc on our pipes. Part of the reason for this is that our pipes aren’t buried as deep underground and our home’s water pipes aren’t usually insulated against the cold. There are precautions you should take to protect your exposed plumbing and prevent frozen pipes. And by insulating pipes, the water in your pipes will stay warm longer so your water heater doesn’t have to work so hard and you won’t be wasting water by running it until the water turns hot. Therefore, you could be preventing a plumbing problem and saving energy - all at once.

3. Run your water sources

Allowing your indoor faucets to drip when the temperature drops below freezing will prevent the water supply pipes from freezing.

4. Check on your heating systems

A Florida winter can be unpredictable. One day you could be at the beach and another you might not even want to leave the house because of the cold. If you're used to sunny temperatures, a cold breeze could be uncomfortable for you. Therefore, make sure your heating systems are in order. It's the ideal time to schedule an appointment to see if everything is up-to-date and we can help winterize your home.

In addition to professional maintenance, make sure you run some tests yourself. Set the thermostats to various temperatures and run your hands over the vents to feel what kind of air is blowing. While you're at it, make sure your vents aren't obstructed by rugs, curtains or furniture. Keeping your vents and heating devices free of blockages will help the air circulate appropriately around the entire house. Making sure your heating system is in order will benefit everything else in your home, too.

5. Check the roof and gutters

Winter is a good time to make sure your roof and gutters are in good condition. Have a professional come out to safely check the condition of your roof. Inspect your gutters and make sure they aren’t clogged with debris and that the gutters aren’t loose or pulling away from your house. Make necessary repairs before bad weather arrives.

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