Winnipeg Plumbers are Your Friends

Winnipeg Plumbers are Your Friends

Having one or two excellent Winnipeg plumbers at your back is as simple as calling Roto-Rooter. While you don’t think about plumbers unless you are one or you have a plumbing emergency, knowing who to trust to make repairs or help you deal with a plumbing crisis before it happens can take a lot of stress out of home ownership.

Modern plumbing is literally life saving. During most of the history of the world, your chances of contracting horrible diseases like typhoid and dysentery were greatly increased by living in crowded cities. Human and animal waste was often simply thrown into the streets, and open sewers flowed with germs and bacteria. While the ancient Romans had already invented much more sanitary sewage and plumbing systems, most towns and cities in the world didn’t have the resources to construct such systems or maintain ancient ones. While living in a city meant you were closer to certain valuable resources, it also meant a greater risk to your life.

Today, we take for granted the fact that both our city and country homes have running hot and cold water and that our waste is flushed away out of sight at the touch of a lever. We at Roto-Rooter don’t like to blow our own horns too much, but we don’t consider it too big a leap to view a skilled, highly trained plumber as a hero of sorts. By helping you maintain your existing plumbing, repair and update old or broken pipes and fixtures, and deal with emergencies, your plumber is helping you stay healthy.

Old and new homes have different plumbing needs. The materials used for pipes, parts, and fixtures have changed over time. We now know not to use lead pipes, of course, so if you know you have lead pipes, you should be drinking bottled water until you replace your plumbing entirely (and check the paint on your walls for lead, as well!). Otherwise, most plumbing systems are made of copper or PVC pipes that are approved for carrying potable water.

Basically, your home plumbing consists of two separate sub-systems. One sub-system brings in fresh water and the other takes away waste water. As fresh water comes in, it is under pressure, which allows the water to travel vertically to upper stories and around bends. In fact, all the plumbing in your home is based on gravity, pressure, and the need for water to seek its own level. Clever use of these principles keeps sewer gases from seeping into your home while still allowing you to turn on a spigot or flush a toilet without a second thought as to where the water is coming from and where it is going.

Of course, sometimes things go wrong, which is when you need your Winnipeg plumbers to apply their knowledge and expertise. When you need emergency plumbing help or want to keep up with maintenance, Roto-Rooter is there for you every time.

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