Why that broken pipe is YOUR problem

Why that broken pipe is YOUR problem

For the most part, sewer cleaning is a pretty standard process. But it is not without some risk. Occasionally, plumbing contractors break a pipe during cleaning, causing leaks and additional plumbing problems that may lead to an expensiveplumbing repair. Often homeowners look at the plumber and say "you broke it, you're paying for this, not me." Guess again!

Here's why it's the home owner's responsibility and not the plumber's: 

1. a pipe or sewer in decent condition and installed properly won't break during cleaning. 
2. Old pipes or pipes installed without following plumbing codes can break when the snake passes through. If they break, they were pretty darn fragile in the first place. 
3. What's to stop every homeowner with old or damaged pipes from inviting a drain cleaner to stop by for the sole purpose of getting a new drainage system installed for nothing?

As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain your pipes, know when they're rusting out and not put harmful chemicals down there that will shorten their lifespan. If the pipes are in reasonable shape, they're in no danger during sewer cleaning service. If they break, they weren't going to last much longer anyway.  Don't pretend it's the drain cleaner's fault.

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