Why oh Why Frozen Pipes in February?

Why oh Why Frozen Pipes in February?

There are a lot of things that are not pleasant in life. Frozen pipes near Oklahoma City in January or February is one of those unpleasant things. It is bitter cold and not the time to be playing in the water. However, when you have pipes that are frozen you have no other choice but to do just that.

After a lot of troubleshooting and scientific breakthrough we now know what causes frozen lines. Of course, no one wants to hear that kind of sarcastic remark when they are elbow deep in water trying to stop the problem and then fix it.

One of the main reasons why we get into a situation where pipes freeze on us is not because we intentionally were lazy about the issue, but because over time the insulation and other things that were protecting the same lines from freezing before are now not in as good a shape as they once were. That is trouble that we run into. For one reason or another, the insulation around the water lines may well have been kicked around over the years as we got up there for one reason or another and the lines that once were covered well are now not so much.

Another reason the issue of frozen lines comes up is because of the extra cold temperatures. Perhaps the way  things are in our home is just fine for most winters, but because of an extra bitter cold spell the protection our pipes have is not enough anymore and they freeze. Almost inevitably this tends to happen in January or February.

No matter the reason, when you have Oklahoma City frozen pipes it is a frustrating thing. It is hard to deal with and very unpleasant. Of course, you can make life a little easier on yourself and call us out to handle this for you while you sit back and watch some football or basketball. It is just a suggestion.  It is hard for our plumbers to handle but we deal with it all of the time. Why subject yourself to that kind of cruelty when you can have us do it?

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