Why Low-Flush Toilets Are a Good Idea

Why Low-Flush Toilets Are a Good Idea

Why waste water with an old toilet model when you can get the same performance from a newer toilet model while saving water and money? This is the problem that low-flush toilets have set out to solve.

Older toilet models can use anywhere from 3.5 to 7 GPF (gallons per flush), while newer models of high-efficient toilets (HET) use between 1.28 to 1.6 GPF. This can save an incredible amount of water without affecting your comfort. If your toilet was manufactured before 2002, then it is time to consider replacing it.

Whatever your particular needs may be, you can easily choose the right water saving solution for your home. For instance, dual flush technology is right for some homes, while low-flush toilets are a better fit for other homes. There are slight differences between the existing low-flow solutions, so it is important to consider the benefits and specifics of each option before you make your final purchasing decision.

Are Low-Flush Toilets Right for You?

Low-flush toilets are ideal for any home or small business and are especially useful for families because you can save an incredible amount of water and money. In fact, a family of four can save an average of $2,000 on their water bills over the lifetime of the toilet. Along with reducing your water usage and expenses, these valuable solutions can also save you money on your monthly energy costs.

Many homeowners are hesitant to invest in low-flow solutions because they are typically slightly more expensive to purchase. However, they can help to save you money in the long run and can pay for themselves in no time. They are an investment that you can make now that will pay off big in the future.

There are virtually limitless options when it comes to your new toilet. Available in a wide range of styles and options, you can easily choose a model that fits in with your bathroom design. They are also easy to use and install.

Low-flow toilets are right for just about any home. There are a number of informative guides online that can help you to better understand the differences between the varying toilet technologies. Your local Roto-Rooter in Dayton can also advise you on other benefits available to you after investing in water saving plumbing fixtures. Your experienced plumber can also help you to make the right purchasing decision for your home to ensure that you get the best value out of your eco-friendly investment.

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