Why Drain Cleaners are Not All the Same

Why Drain Cleaners are Not All the Same

If you have a clogged drain and you are going to head to the store to get some cleaner you may think that it does not matter much which one you get. However, not all drain cleaners are created equally and I would recommend a certain kind for different things.

First, if you have a clog and that is the reason you need a drain cleaner in Tucson I would recommend getting the powder kind of cleaner. The reason I would recommend this is because it is designed to resolve clogged drain issues, no matter how tough. Of course it is a little tougher to use and it is a serious poison danger so if you have any concerns or you have children that are too curious and would get into it then you may not want this. However, if you feel as though you can keep it in a safe place then this is what I would use for clogged drains. Not only would it be a waste of time to try the liquid cleaner first and then end up using this anyways, but it usually will state that you cannot use it if you have already tried the liquid with no success.

If you want to avoid the clogged drain in the first place then use the liquid cleaner on a regular basis as a way to keep the pipes clean and free from clogs. By regularly I would recommend at least once a quarter. It does not need to be done more than that but if you are an obsessive compulsive person you are okay to use it more like on a monthly basis.

Of course, if neither of these are working for you on a really tough clog, then you need to call Roto- Rooter the best Tucson drain cleaner.

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