Which is worse: Plumbing repairs or Justin Bieber?

Which is worse: Plumbing repairs or Justin Bieber?

There are a lot of things in this life that are more enjoyable than having a need to call a professional plumbing company to come and do some plumbing repairs. However, some things may be worse to some people. For example, talk to almost any teenage girl in America and they will tell you that they love Justin Bieber. However, ask nearly any adult American man and they will tell you how much they despise Bieber. So, the question now becomes which is worse, needing some plumbing repairs done or listening to Justin Bieber?

This is an easy question for the young women who think he is better than sliced bread, but a more difficult question for the man that will either need to do the repair to the plumbing in his home or pay for someone else to come in and do it. Essentially, those are both bad things to him, but so is Justin.

When I was growing up my mother always told me to look at things in the positive light and for that reason, as an American adult man, I am going to say that Justin Bieber is way worse than any potential plumbing issues and essential repairs that must follow those issues. The reason is simple. The plumbing trouble has an end. Either I face the problem head on and make the repairs or I hire a professional company, say Roto-Rooter, and have them perform the plumbing repairs. Either way there is an end to the problems with the plumbing in my house. I am in control of how and when the repairs will happen. That is the positive light to plumbing problems. However, I am struggling to find any positive light within the discussion of Justin Bieber. Therefore it makes sense that Bieber is worse.

Of course, my teenage daughter and I will never agree on this issue and so we will not try. She can listen to all of the Bieber that she would like as long as it is through her headphones and I will make sure the plumbing is working properly in our home at all times and that repairs happen quickly when something does break.

There is one last thing to consider when you are thinking about whether to repair your plumbing yourself or call us in. How much is your time worth to you? It may be well worth having us do it to make sure it is done right and fast and to make sure you canb be on the golf course instead of fixing the plumbing.

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