Where to Store Drain Cleaner

Where to Store Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaner in Vista is something that may seem harmless to adults who know how to handle it, but to children it can be deadly. If they get a hold of it and drink it or in some cases, even get it on them, it can be a deadly killer to them. For that reason, it is important to know where and how to store it so that it is safe no matter who is in the house.

First, know that where you store the drain cleaner should be out of sight for a child. If it is in sight for a child and they want to get it bad enough they will get it. For that reason, make sure it is out of sight because the old saying of, “out of sight out of mind” really is true and really does work.

Second, be sure that you do not store the cleaner anywhere near food. No matter how careful you may be if it is near food it is going to be possible to end up with it on food that is then consumed unknowingly.

Third, it is a good idea to make sure that the cabinet it is stored in is locked or uses a childproof device of some sort. This is especially important if it is being stored in a lower cupboard. Even if it is out of sight, children could just stumble on it in a lower cupboard if it is not locked or in some way prevents them from opening it.

Some places that you may want to consider storing the cleaner would be in the garage in a locked cabinet, under the sink, if the cabinet is locked tight, in the laundry room in a locked cupboard, etc. All cleaners should be treated this way. Use drain cleaner responsibly and if it does not unclog your drain, you may need to find a professional drain cleaner in Vista, CA to use a Roto-Rooter-type of cable machine to cut through the toughest clogs.

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